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8 Great Canadian Gifts To Send Abroad

Posted by Corey Rametta on

To your family, friends and business associates scattered 'round the globe, you are known as the Canadian. What pops into their minds when they think of you? Have you given them something to think about lately? How about one of our special, thoughtful gifts.

We offer a range of tasty and one-of-a-kind gifts for your people all over the world. And they all have one thing in common. They will make the loved ones on your gift list think of the Canadian that they are so fond of.

Let's look and find some good, unique gift ideas.

Pure Maple Syrup

Although there really isn't that much difference between maple syrup made here and that made in the USA, we are known for it. In fact, over 70 percent of the world's maple syrup comes from us, mostly from Quebec. So it makes sense that real Canadian maple syrup is a popular gift for us to send to friends and family overseas or down south.

Our delicious maple syrup is grade A amber. The main differences between grades of maple syrup involve colour, transparency and flavour. Golden has a very light flavour. Dark is robust. Amber has that authentic maple flavour, but it isn't overpowering like store-bought syrups tend to be. And that's exactly why we chose it. Our Amber maple syrup is great for everyday table use.

Premium syrup demands premium packaging. Plastic just won't do for our syrup. We use heavy glass bottles to protect the flavour and preserve the freshness. And these maple leaf-shaped bottles are so beautiful that no one will want to throw them away. Many people use them as vases when the syrup is all gone.

Maple Cream Milk Chocolate Maple Leaves

Canadian maple syrup forms the base of so many candies and confections. We've got maple fudge, cookies and other delicious treats. But perhaps the best-known of our maple goodies are our Maple Cream Milk Chocolate Maple Leaves.

We couldn't think of a better chocolatier than Laura Secord to make the fine milk chocolate that pairs so well with our light maple cream. The sweetness of the chocolate and the cream is perfectly balanced. Each maple leaf confection has a melt-in-your-mouth consistency and a deep, intriguing maple goodness that can only come from real maple syrup.

As soon as your loved ones open their package, they'll lay their eyes on the world-famous symbol of Canadian friendship: the maple leaf. They'll know that they're in for a sweet and savoury treat before they even open the box. The scent of pure maple will begin to waft through the air as soon as they remove the plastic wrapper from the box. And there's plenty to share. Get several boxes to let all of your overseas friends and family know that you've been thinking of them. They'll sure be thinking about you long after receiving a box of these unique chocolate maple goodies.

Maple Ice Wine Cream Cookies

People usually think of Italy, France and America's Napa Valley when they think of wine. But ice wine is one of our delicious specialties. Very few countries have the right combination of soil, weather and temperature to produce this sweet wine.

So what is ice wine? It's a type of dessert wine that can only be made from grapes that have been naturally frozen while still growing on the vine. This freeze has to come at just the right time. The water in the grapes is frozen, but the sugars are not. That makes for a syrupy sweet wine with a perfect sugar-to-acidity balance.

This unusual sweetness makes ice wine a great dessert drink, but it also makes it very good as an ingredient for confections and baked goods. Ice wine and desserts: those are two things that we're famous for the world over.

Your friends and loved ones outside of Canada have likely never had real ice wine. And it's almost a forgone conclusion that they've never had the opportunity to try a genuine ice wine treat. So what can be a more unique gift than some scrumptious cookies made not only with Canadian ice wine, but some of our dreamy maple cream as well?

Our Maple Ice Wine Cream Cookies are sure to offer your friends a first-time-ever and memorable experience with two of our nation's most unique and flavourful gifts to the planet. You better get some while they're available.

Moose Jute Tote Shopping Bag

Our country is rich in biological diversity. We are known for our abundance of fauna that are very rare or non-existent in other countries. As Canadians, we celebrate our wildlife the way few other people do. Not many other cultures are as proud and protective of their natural history as we are. That's a fact.

The moose doesn't live only here. But it is only here that it roams free as king, just as the moose depicted on this gorgeous shopping tote.

Help your friends and family keep harmful plastic from cluttering up the environment of their countries by sending them one of these strong, naturally beautiful and reusable shopping totes. It's made of jute, which is tough enough to withstand years of regular use at the shoppes. It can be carried comfortably all day long, thanks to the big loop handles.

Give the gift of natural beauty and functionality. These Moose Jute Tote Shopping Bags make affordable and memorable gifts for the ones on your international gift lists.

Haida Raven Jute Tote Shopping Bag

Our indigenous people led lives that were intertwined with nature and the fauna that shared their world. Each animal represented a different spiritual attribute to them. The raven was considered a wise creature and represented the creative force that formed our world. It was a very important animal to our aboriginal tribes.

We commissioned Bill Helin, one of our favourite Tsimshian artists, to create the Life Crest art for our Haida Jute Tote Shopping Bag. His art captures the spirit of the wise and noble raven in a way that demands attention and inspires a wonder of our nation's native history like few other pieces can.

Your loved ones who live outside Canada will use this tote for shopping and toting their wares for years. And they will always remember their friend in the Great Frozen North when they gaze upon the majestic raven in all of its splendid traditional glory. So send some to your friends, but be sure to grab one for yourself as well. Let the raven inspire you and remind you of our native people and their storied history that they will forever share with our land.

Inukshuk Tea Towel

Inukshuks are formations of stones piled atop of each other. Our Inuit people used them to mark sacred ground, warn of dangerous territory or give direction to travellers, much like modern highway route signs. Today, they serve as a symbol of the pride that our native people have in their homeland and their history.

Our Inukshuk Tea Towels have a traditional inukshuk at the center, surrounded by depictions of the native wildlife that shared the same ground as the Inukshuks that once dotted the frozen landscape of our Inuit people in the icy northern reaches of their ancestral lands.

Your friends who receive these tea towels will probably want to display them prominently in their kitchens. They blend well with any decor, and they're sure to become a focal point and conversation starter of any gathering. But they are affordable enough to actually be used as kitchen towels. Go ahead and send a few as a gift. Inukshuk art is a gift to us from our indigenous countrymen, and like all art, it is meant to be shared with others.

Marble Polar Bear With Cubs

Big, powerful polar bears roam the remote glaciers, icy sea coasts and rocky islands of our wild wonderland. They are fierce predators. They hunt for a living. But mamma polar bears are sweet, nurturing mothers. They are known to be very protective of their young. That mother-cub bond is captured in great detail in our three-piece limestone Marble Polar Bear With Cubs carving.

Each set is hand carved with careful attention to detail. Only the finest crystalline limestone, mined in the Northwest Territories, is used by our master craftsmen. Every set is unique and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity. That's one of the things that makes this set such a unique gift. There is guaranteed to be none other exactly like the one you get.

Since each set is hand-carved by a very small number of talented artists, our supplies are limited. Although we make every effort to keep these in stock, we do sometimes run out. The best way to make sure you can get a set to send to your friends, family or business associates overseas is to order as soon as possible. Don't miss out on these one-of-a-kind objects of Canadian art.

RCMP Stuffed Animal Beaver

This thoughtful gift combines two iconic symbols of Canada: our national animal and our beloved Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It's sure to remind the recipients not only of you, but of your country's deep and long national heritage.

The beaver was originally featured on the Hudson Bay's logo hundreds of years ago as a symbol of their dominance of the early Canadian fur trade. Like it or not, it was that very same fur trade and that very same company that put our country on the map many years ago. We owe that part of our history the recognition it deserves as a part of helping us become the nation we are today.

The RCMP stand along side the maple tree, the beaver, our native people and our breathtaking natural beauty as one of the symbols of our nation's greatness, cultural heritage and our place in the modern world. Giving this RCMP stuffed beaver as a gift shows your people overseas your knowledge of and pride in your land. It's cute enough for kids, and it's collectible enough for adults. Why not get one as a gift for yourself too? These RCMP Stuffed Animal Beavers are one of the most affordable gifts we have to offer.

Tell Your Friends, Family And Associates That Their Canadian Friend Is Thinking About Them

Giving gifts is the traditional way that all cultures have of saying "I'm thinking about you." You do think of your loved ones and business partners, don't you? Your people overseas and to the south think of you as "the Canadian." It's true! And that's a good thing. People just can't help but to love us, eh? We are among the most caring, loving and giving modern cultures in the whole world. Just ask anyone.

Show how giving you are, and send a little piece of Canada today. Let's spread some of that famous Canadian love all over the planet. That's what's needed now more than ever.

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