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Inukshuk Canada, symbol of the Vancouver Olympics is a popular Canadian Symbol. Canada abounds with man made Inukshuks along highways, lakes and in the wilderness. The Canadian Inukshuk meaning in the Inuit language "In the image of man" are magnificent stone figures originally built to act as guide posts in the far Northern terrain of Canada. Today Inukshuks (pronounced - In-ook-shook) recently selected as the official logo of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, still endure as eternal symbols of leadership, encouraging the importance of friendship and reminding us of our dependence upon one another. Erected to make the way easier and safer for those who follow, an Inukshuk represents safety and nourishment, trust and reassurance. The Inukshuk guided people across the frozen tundra and gave them hope in barren places to handle hardships they encountered. These primitive, stone images showed the way ahead and depicted co-operation among natives and new Canadians.