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Taste of Maple

Canadian Maple Syrup....Is there anything better? How about Maple Sugar, Maple Butter and so many more great Maple products. For centuries, the Maple tree has been considered a valuable natural resource. Long before European settlers landed, aboriginal people were harvesting the liquid gold from Maple trees. Maple sap is thin, barely sweet and as colourless as spring water. The distinctive maple taste comes only through boiling. Historians have claimed that the settlers enhanced and improved the process, of making pure Maple Syrup with the introduction of the copper kettle for boiling. Canada and the United States are the only Maple Syrup producers in the world with the Province of Quebec producing more maple syrup than any other region in the world. Referred to as liquid gold in these should be. It takes 40 litres of sap to make one litre of Maple Syrup.