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About Us

The Great Canadian Gift Company evolved from a summer vacation we took in July of 2004 to the friendly and scenic Maritime Provinces. On one of our outings while touring beautiful Prince Edward Island we discovered a food enthusiast's dream. The store was the PEI Preserve Co.'s home store. Following an extremely enjoyable browse through their store we decided to go for a cold glass of Canadian draft accompianied by some fresh raw oysters on the half shell. We elected to occupy a table on the deck overlooking the bay to better absorb the fresh ocean breeze off the Atlantic.

While enjoying a refreshing pint of Alexander Keith's Pale Ale, a conversation ensued about how we really should have more appreciation for the vast and beautiful country we call home. Canada has so much to offer and many of us unfortunately do not take advantage of that which lies right in our own backyard. With our visit to the preserve co. fresh on our minds and taste buds, we envisioned a business that focused on offering exclusively Canadian made products. We devoured our oysters while making notes on a napkin that would ultimately serve as the manuscript to a success story that would bring "All things Canadian" to the masses both domestically and internationally.

We came home and began researching various companies on the internet that would conceptually fit within the framework of the All Canadian concept. We initially focused on foods only, including Smoked Sockeye Salmon from the west coast, Icewine infused product from Ontario, Maple products from Quebec, and of course Pasta from the grain rich prairies. Our mission was to amalgamate the tantalizing foods specific to Canada that best reflected the vast beauty of our land and unite them in a Canadian Gift Basket. Realizing that a gift basket was not always desired, we have since evolved from the Great Canadian Gift Basket Company into The Great Canadian Gift Company, where you can purchase the individual products of your choice. With Canadian patriotism as high as it's ever been, we've made a concerted effort to assist you in creating a Canadian Gift that when received will elicit the love and appreciation for the country that the majority of Canadians hold so dear to their hearts.

Right from the inception of The Great Canadian Gift Company we have endeavoured to become Canada's Corporate Gifting Specialist. Our Corporate Gifts are truly unique and do authentically reflect the reputation for quality for which Canada has become synonymous. Our corporate gifts are a Canadian expression of gratitude, appreciation, sympathy or whatever occasion you wish to recognize on behalf of a client, colleague or friend.