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canadian moose droppings chocolate coated almonds

Canadian Moose Poop Droppings (Chocolate Coated Almonds)

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Chocolate covered almonds are always a huge hit - combine that with the unique packaging of these Moose Droppings and you've got an amazing gift!

Ah the Majestic Moose! Yea right! They are so majestic when you have to follow them around collecting their droppings, drying and packaging prior to placing in the Canadian Moose Droppings Collectible Tin. Come on now! You know I'm kidding. I'm not kidding however when I say our Canadian Moose Droppings are extremely popular. The Canadian Moose Droppings are actually some of the best Chocolate Coated Almonds you'll ever taste. Attractively packaged in a collectible tin, our Canadian Moose Droppings are always a huge hit when received.

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