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Canadian icewine flavoured syrup

Canadian Icewine Flavoured Syrup

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Wow! That is all I can say. This new product Icewine Syrup just arrived and "is it awesome" you ask? You're darn right it is. We've sampled the heck out of the Icewine Sryup in store and people are amazed at how good it is. In over regimented red tape Canada it is very difficult to ship alcohol. This Icewine Syrup will be the next best thing if not better. Pour it over your favourite breakfast as a traditional syrup, Make an Icewine Martini, Pancakes, Waffles, Cheese Pleaser, Strawberry Shortcake... etc, etc. The uses for this delicious Icewine Syrup are endless. Comes in a glass bottle with 200ml of Icewine Syrup.

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