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canadian maple syrup in metal tins

Pure Canadian Maple Syrup In Tins

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Tasty traditional Canadian delicacy perfectly designed to travel - a few different options available.

Perhaps if you're wishing to incorporate maple syrup into a basket, or if you're taking it as a gift overseas, this Maple Syrup Tin is the safest bet. The Maple Syrup Tin is attractively packaged in a scene reminiscent of an Ontario or Quebec Sugar Shack. Canada's liquid gold is always cherished. As illustrated in the adjacent photo featuring the beautiful Maple Syrup Tin this product is available in four different sizes - simply make your selection. When you are deciding which size of the Maple Syrup Tins will best suit your need, keep in mind that a Dark Syrup will provide you with a more robust flavour, whereas an Amber Syrup will give you a more rich flavour.

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