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rcmp souvenir stuffed animal moose

RCMP Stuffed Animal Moose

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Oh my gosh! How cute is this RCMP Stuffed Animal Moose? People the world over love our RCMP Stuffed Animal Moose. The RCMP stuffed animal Moose in particular is extremely popular. Fun, cuddly and officially licensed by the iconic police force themselves, you can't go wrong purchasing the RCMP Stuffed Animal Moose.

The History of the RCMP

Originally named the North West Mounted Police, the force was established by then Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald, to enforce and maintain law and order in the Northern Frontier and in areas of Native settlement. The force was an integral part of clearing the way for the TransContinental Railway linking East to West. By 1914 the North West Mounted Police had earned an international reputation for their role in Western Canada's orderly development. In 1920 the force was combined with the Dominion Police force in the east to enforce Federal law from the Atlantic to the Pacific. At that time the force was aptly named the Royal Mounted Police Force. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police force is still revered world wide. These cute little guys make a great Canadian collectible for all ages.

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